At Computer Medics we always install/offer the latest in virus protection for your computer. No matter how long you have been using a computer or how safe you thing you are on the internet the truth is you can never be safe enough.

The possibility that antivirus programming is fundamental for reckless Windows clients is a myth, and a hazardous one to spread. During a time where zero-day vulnerabilities are found and sold to sorted out wrongdoing with disturbing recurrence, even the most watchful of clients are powerless.

More seasoned Norton and McAfee antivirus programming suites were notorious for slowing down your PC more than genuine infections would. They’re loaded with warnings and affectations to continue paying for a membership and purchase more costly security suites.

At Computer Medics we will install the best software available that will not only keep your computer safe but will not slow it down and give you those daily notices to “pay more” or “upgrade now”.

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