There are plenty of repair services out there; however, figuring out the best one for your specific problem can be difficult. Online reviews, ratings and grades will help you locate a great list of computer pros (we recommend contacting three pros for a competitive price).

If you aren’t satisfied with the options in your local area, another option is to hire an online repair service. These companies offer live, online support to diagnose and fix computer problems. In some ways, they resemble tech support. With these services, you usually prepay a certain amount of money for a remote investigation or chat with an off-site technician. During this discussion, the technician will diagnose your computer’s problem and offer a solution, if possible.

The problem with online repair services is that they work only if the caller is somewhat versed in computer terms and software design. If you don’t feel comfortable taking directions from a remote technician or giving remote control to one, online services can be a waste of time and money.

Local repair services often have a physical shop nearby, and many will come to your home to identify and fix a problem. These services are beneficial because the technician can physically examine your computer, and correct multiple problems if needed. It’s also easier to investigate the company’s background if they have a physical address and storefront.

It may be difficult to decide whether to repair or replace your computer when problems begin to arise, but it rarely hurts to take your computer to a reputable repair service for consultation. Many problems are fixable and with simple repair and/or upgrades, your computer could have a new lease on life.

Professional technicians can diagnose, repair, upgrade and offer expert advice. Due to vast experience and knowledge, a technician will most likely to be able to identify problems with your machine and repair them quicker and more efficiently that you could.

Viruses are the most common reason people seek computer repair services. Signs that a computer has a virus include slow performance, inability to launch programs or unfamiliar programs launching independently. Early detection is key. Consult with a computer repair technician to find out what can be done. The fact is, the technician has probably seen the problem before and can have the computer up and running again quickly.

Other services of computer technicians include:

  • Replacing broken parts of hardware.
  • Fixing glitches in software.
  • Upgrading components, such as adding a larger hard drive or more RAM, to help a computer work at a higher level.
  • Recovering data. Even if the computer itself cannot be repaired, technicians can often retrieve data from a broken or failing hard drive.