Residential Computer Services near Fredericksburg VA

Computer Medics provides residential computer repair and support for most computers and laptops. We quickly respond to your computer repair service requests anywhere within the greater Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Stafford region. Fast. Broken laptop screen? Blue screen of death? Slow computer? Oh no! Relax, the Doctor is in. Call Computer Medics today at (540) 368-0097 to connect to accountable and honest professionals.


At any point, your computer or laptop can cause you a headache. Do not let that get you down. Computer Medics is here to help. We will properly diagnose and recommend solutions along with non-technical explanations that make sense to you. You approve all charges before the repair. There are no surprise charges.


We pride ourselves on creating a bond with our customers. Computer Medics understands how important your laptops and home computers are to your family and you. We love to see you smile as you receive your device working like a champ!

frustrated computer user

We understand the need for your devices to be in tip-top shape so they can meet all of your needs. Some of the home computer and laptop repair services that we offer include:


Identify the root of your computer and network issues and explain any areas of concern in non-technical, easily understood terms.


Have you ever run into the blue screen of death? These can be caused by both hardware and software issues. There are several ways to fix the blue screen of death and our team knows them all.


If you have a new computer but have thousands of important files on your current one, we can help! Family photos are stored on our computers nowadays. One mistake can results of thousands of lost memories in an instant. Computer Medics will take extra special care to transfer all of your important photos and data to your new machine.


Apple computers and PCs are two different animals. They also take a different type of expertise to fix. While Apple computers are sturdy machines, they can still sometimes break down. Our team can help fix your Apple and get it running like it was brand new again.

***We provide general Apple device support and repairs for hardware no longer under warranty, including:

  • Setup of new unit
  • Data transfer from old to new Apple system
  • Reinstallation/upgrade of operating system
  • Virus removal
  • Resolving software problems
  • Analysis of hardware issues
  • Upgrading RAM and hard drives on out-of-warranty systems
  • Individual lessons on computer and OS X usages including some popular software products
  • Operating system upgrades

Note: We are not a certified Apple repair center or in any way connected to Apple Inc. We do not service iPhones or iPad hardware.


If you had to unplug every cord that is plugged into the back of your computer right now, would you remember they go? Do you really want to carry your PC out of your home and leave it at a repair shop for days, possibly even weeks. Many of the large company repair centers send your computer off to another repair shop miles away when parts are needed or the repairs are beyond the scope of the technicians working locally.

Instead of going through all this to get your computer problems resolved, pick up the telephone now and call us. We will come to your home to repair your computer. Some jobs may require parts. We have most parts available in stock to complete the job. When you call us with a description of the problem, we will come prepared with the parts that may be required to fix your computer at your home while you watch and relax.

If the repair requires parts that we do not stock, usually they can be purchased locally. Parts that can not be purchased locally are ordered to come to me. I do not ship your computer off to be repaired. Jobs that require larger amounts of time or more equipment to properly complete the repair may need to be taken to our techs’ workstation. In this case, the only item to leave your home is your tower. Our professional computer work bench is set up with everything needed to work on and test your PC. We remove all of the wires that are connected to your computer before taking it and put all the cords and wires back into place when we return with your computer after it has been repaired. Below are just a few of the in home computer services offered.


Just like your automobile, a computer is a machine that requires maintenance. Your computer has fans inside the case, attached to the processor and on many of the video cards to cool these devices. The processor especially has a set of cooling fins known as a heat sink that the fans draws air through to cool the device. Like many electrical devices computer attract dust particles that can hinder the proper cooling of your machine. Air cleaning the inside of the case and components are important to keep your computer running properly and from destruction. Your hard drive also needs to run cool and be maintained with software to keep it running at optimal speed. Your operating system, drivers and other software need to be updated. You would be surprised at how much your computer can be improved by a simple maintenance and optimization. Be careful of tricky software that claims it can  tune up your system, these programs if not used properly can cause damage. Be extra careful using any type of registry cleaner. If you have owned your computer over a year, then it would be a good time to call us at 540-368-0097 and schedule a computer tune up.


If you have a wireless router and do not know how to set it up secure, we can help. If you have more than one computer and notebooks and want them all to share files, we can help. Only have one printer, no problem. We can set up your home network with print sharing so that all of the computers in your house can use the same printer. If you are having connections issues, call us at 540-368-0097.


When it comes to notebook or laptop repairs, unless the problem is software related most repairs will need to be done on our work bench. We are sure that you can appreciate that working on these devices is much different than on a desktop. They have many screws and smaller parts that require a clean working space to disassemble and layout the parts to protect them and keep them in order when ready to reassemble. Common issues on notebooks are LCD screen replacement, hinges or the screen backlight (inverter) needs to be replaced. Another common issue is the charging system on a laptop. The DC or power jack gets broken or loose so that the laptop no longer charges. These repairs do require a little more time as parts will need to be ordered. Notebook hard drive replacement can usually be completed in 24 hours and we stock most sizes and form factors. If the hard drive has failed, then the same rules would apply to that listed above for desktops. In both cases, if a new drive needs to be installed due to a failing drive, we will need the restore disc. If you do not have them, we have them available for most major brands of laptops. Please call for pricing on laptop repairs as they can differ from model to model.


Many times when you think it is time for you to buy a new computer, it is unnecessary. You should look into the possibilities of doing a computer upgrade instead. If you buy a new computer, you will need to transfer over all of your files and settings. We can help you with this if it becomes necessary. However, if your computer can be upgraded you will not loose any of your favorite programs and your settings will remain the same. We can look at adding RAM and maybe a video card upgrade to bring your computer up to date. Also, there is a possible chance that we can even upgrade the processor as well. If your hard drive is old and weary, we can copy your old drive over to a new hard drive that will add more data storage to your computer or upgrade you to a new SSD that will greatly increase speed and performance.


So you have purchased a new desktop or laptop, maybe both. You get them home and unpack them out of the box. Hey, that was the fun part. Now you need to set all this hardware up. Assembling the new monitor, plugging in all those wires and getting everything all set up can take quite a while and be very frustrating if you have never set up a computer system before. Once you finally get all that work done, you turn on your new computer and it begins a set up process of its own. Next it begins to ask you questions and you have no idea what to answer. Before you go through all this think about having us come out and guide you through all of the set up, help you with the first time your computer starts, remove the unwanted and trial software and take you for a personal guided tour around your new computer. When you purchase a new computer, do not pay for the so called geek squad optimizing. Do yourself a favor first. Go over by the counter and watch them work. Watch as they run the setup using a pre programmed disk on many computers at a time. This CD that they use is programmed to add even more trial bloatware to sell you after you get the computer home. Would it not be a better idea to have us come over and add the personal back into your personal computer? We can set up your desktop or laptop and personalize it for you. We can walk you through the upgrade and show you how to use this new operating system.


Now more than ever, there is need to be able to get stuff done without personal contact. Computer Medics is prepared and able to help you. Or if you’re just too busy to bring your computer to us. No problem! We can easily and securely access your computer remotely to remove pop-ups, check error messages, offer training, diagnose issues and even complete repairs. We can do it all!


In today’s busy world, Computer Medics is working hard to ensure we can accommodate our busiest customers. Don’t waste time. You don’t have to unplug that big bundle of cords or risk damaging your laptop during transport (and if you do, we can fix that too!), just call us at (540) 368-0097. We will be able to remotely access your device and quickly diagnose your problem. We use a secure connection and you can observe while we work our computer magic. Our techs are very professional and strive to make the process as painless for you as possible.

Computer Medics Residential Remote Support Services will provide:


Our expert technicians can quickly diagnose and begin providing solutions so that you can get back to utilizing your device.


All connections are password protected, secure and authorized by you!


You don’t have to load up your whole computer and drive it to an office or schedule an on-site appointment. And, many times you will be able to take advantage of discounts made available to clients who opt for remote support.

If you are unable to connect to the internet, review our Troubleshooting & Repair Services for additional options.

Next time you have a computer issue remember our technology experts are available to diagnose and repair your technology crisis or annoyance remotely! Call us today at (540) 368-0097 to see if your issue can be handled with Remote Support.



SNAP! And just like that, your wish has been granted. Why should businesses have all the fun and reap the benefits of a managed service? Computer Medics offers residential managed services.

What is a Managed service? It means you give Computer Medics permission and responsibility to proactively maintain, improve, and monitor your device for any issues that could cause your device to fail for a monthly fixed fee. Within one easy-to-follow bill, your Computer Medics expert will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that covers all your specific needs. You only pay for what you need. We will customize a plan that is just right for you and your budget. Your system will run smoother and your data will be safer.


family members on electronic devices in home

With many people now working from home now, Computer Medics can help keep your “money maker” running like new. With a need for accessing a secure internet connection, regular data backups, and robust cybersecurity practices, your home’s technology is important, too!

Our technology experts are able to assess and understand your home’s complex technology and create a customized solution to fit your budget. Within one easy-to-follow bill, your Computer Medics expert will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that covers all your specific needs.

Your technology advisor is ready to help create a managed residential IT services plan for you with the following options:


Regularly backup personal files such as private documents, music, and images.


Access files from any device including your smartphone, tablet, personal PC, or laptop.


Installation and regular updates for security services on every device and network.


Immediate assistance on any device from a Computer Troubleshooters adviser to remotely solve any issue.


Extend the life of your device dramatically and get more out of your technology investment with regular maintenance.


A trusted technology adviser to assist with product decisions, maintaining your home technology, education on internet safety, and security best practices.

Security Services

It is critical that you understand the security of your technology must be your top priority. Computer Medics offer solutions that make sure your computer and home network are protected. We take security seriously and you should too. Let us keep your family safe.


There are new viruses and security threats that emerge every day! We make sure your family and personal information are safe while you surf online. Computer Medics’ network security services will give you peace of mind and confidence while online.

We all want to believe that we will not visit an unsafe website or click on a suspicious link in an email, but the truth is, we do not always know what is safe and what is not. The bad people are becoming more sophisticated than ever in masking their threats so that people will unknowingly click them and become a victim. They work to try to rob you of your security. But, we work harder…for you.

Computer Medics works hard to protect every client with home and network security services and education about online safety by providing the following services:

  • Install laptop and desktop security measures
  • Provide online safety information
  • Think before you click education
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media safety tips
  • Identify suspicious links
  • Identify questionable emails
  • Private information protection
  • We provide our clients with the highest level of security possible to protect them against viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious attacks.

Let us help you protect your family from becoming a victim!

Rates & Fees

Repair Rush Fee


A rush fee is offered to allow a computer to move to front of the current evaluation queue. This does not guarantee turnaround time on the repair.

*Computer Medics and Technicians reserve the right to suspend the rush at anytime.

Business Service Rate

$85 per hour

Expedited Service Rate

$100 per hour

We are here to help with all of your computer, laptop, and network needs.