Todays Customer….

Computer: Dell Optiplex 3010
Customers Problem: Ransomware/Virus

Resolution: Ended up removing crypto viruses, retrieved/decrypted data, installed updated virus software and malware protection.

Notes: The problem with some of these viruses you get on your computer is they can encrypt your data. What this means is you are unable to open files/pics etc due to the encryption. So we need to first remove the virus that is causing this and then fix all your file/pic issues in order to make it so you can again access them correctly.

p.s. This ¬†person was told by someone else that only thing that could be done was reload and everything would be lost….Lucky for him he called us and¬†got his data decrypted, and all back to normal.

So if you are in Fredericksburg or the surrounding area and need a virus removed give us a call or just drop in.